CAD to BIM Services

CAD BIM Services

Construction processes have undergone sea changes after the use of BIM services. These services involve the conversion of the 2D drawings made manually to the 3D BIM model. A better way to improvise the construction processes, BIM is highly used by architects, engineers and contractors.

Rayvat provides high end CAD to BIM services. Our services include conversion of all type of CAD files to BIM which could be architectural, structural and MEP CAD. Even manual drawings or sketches are converted to BIM models.

The various benefits of getting CAD to BIM services are:

-> All the files can be stored easily in a digital format

-> Changes, alterations and modifications can be easily done when the parametric are 3D BIM models

-> The overall cost of construction is reduced by a great extent

Irrespective of the type of BIM model which could be 3D, 4D or 5D, Rayvat provides all models with complete detailing. All drafting details are taken care of comprehensively.