Data Security Policy

Data Security & Confidentiality

  • The team is thoroughly trained on data security, privacy and confidentiality recurrently. Also, we track the adherance through SEISO Calenders in accordance to 5S procedure put up on each workstation.
  • Technical audits are conducted on regular basis to ensure that all the devices adhere to the necessary security agreements. Any loopholes, if witnessed are closed on immediate priority and logs are maintained for same.
  • Employees are not allowed to carry laptops, Mobile devices or any other electronic gadgets such as USB drives and data transfer cables into the office.
  • All members are required to sign confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements on legal papers.
  • Our security team strictly scrutinizes the baggage at entry and exit points for IT peripherals.
  • Employees are given unique passwords to logon to their devices, which ensures that employees cannot access another computer.
  • Rayvat has installed up-to-date antivirus and licensed operating systems/softwares in all operating devices.
  • All the external drives are disabled on the computers.
  • The monitors of all computers are recorded in the background for a period of a fortnight.
  • Restricted printing permission at the workplace ensures that client's sensitive data is not leaked. Also, we have put up shredders for used/rough papers.
  • Rayvats' office is guarded by professional security personnel round the clock. Besides, the office is equipped with barrier breach alarms, smoke alarms and multiple fire extinguishers.
  • The company has processes that can monitor and detect any breach of security. Moreover, regular audits are also conducted to identify a breach of security, if any.