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Virtual Staging: The Real Estate Marketing Tool that Gets Results

Virtual Staging

The Real Estate Market is nothing if not intensely competitive, and to stay ahead of the rest of the pack, you will need some clever strategies and skills! 3D Virtual Staging is a powerful real estate marketing tool that has been found to drive results. We’ve put together some statistics that show just how efficient this strategy is!

  • As compared to traditional staging, virtual staging is 97% more cost effective.

Staging using actual props can cost in the vicinity of $1000 to $5000 for one unit, and this figure can rise exponentially if the building contains several units. A virtually staged image would cost you just around $100 to $300; a mere fraction of the cost, time and effort.

  • 81% of potential buyers felt that virtual staging was a great way to help them to visualize the property.

Using Virtual staging, realtors can show online buyers exactly how the property will look once it is done up, a great visualization tool that nudges buyers toward signing on the dotted line! Most realtors have, in the past, shied away from staging because of the huge cost and effort involved. 3d Virtual staging cuts down the marketing investment considerably, making it a very attractive tool for online marketing.

  • Online offers are on the rise.

At least 45% of buyers are now making bids on properties online, without having actually viewed them in person. Most potential buyers are now in the age bracket of between 22 and 34 years old, a demographic that believes in the power of the virtual world. In particular, those who are moving cross country tend to turn to online marketing to shortlist the properties they would like to buy.

  • Homes that are virtually staged sell for more money.

A survey has shown that with home staging, 68% of homes sold for 9% higher costs. What’s more, potential buyers were more likely to pick the homes that were staged, rather than houses in the neighborhood that were not staged.

  • The ROI on home staging is a staggering 586%!

Hard to believe, but true! Factoring in all the costs of physically staging a property, including the time taken and the effort involved, the ROI on home staging is almost 586%. If this is done digitally, the returns can be expected to be even more impressive.

  • Consultation costs are eliminated.

Traditional home staging calls for the services of interior designers whose consultation charges can be $300- $500 for a sitting. Virtual staging uses the services of 3D rendering experts who have significant knowledge of interior design but do not charge upfront for a consultation. Thus the cost of consultation is 100% eliminated.

  • Virtual staging is more flexible and more creative.

Real estate sellers have far more flexibility in adding the kind of furniture they like and doing up the virtual interior using a particular theme when the staging is virtual. When compared to traditional staging, virtual stagers have 100% more creative freedom.

  • The virtual staging looks 100% Real.

There is no discernable difference between a real photograph and a 3D rendering… the image of the 3D virtual staging looks a 100% true to life!

  • Properties that are staged sell faster, on the average 73% Faster!

Properties that have an online listing, which includes images of home staging are found to fly off the shelves much faster than those that do not have such images. A home that is staged well enables prospective buyers to readily visualize themselves in the spaces, and often leads to a quicker buying decision.

  • First impressions do matter!

A survey found that most people make a judgment on the property within just seven seconds of viewing it. All the more reason to make a great first impression that lasts! A well-staged image will draw in your prospective buyers in, making them move on to the next step of indicating their interest.

All these statistics go to show just why virtual home staging is such a terrific choice. Do call Rayvat, the experts in 3D rendering services, to get a quote today and make your next property listing one that makes the right impact!

How 3D Virtual Staging Helps Sell Your Property 6X Faster

As realtors know only too well, it’s tough to sell an empty home! Bare walls and echoing hallways look sad and neglected and do not make a pretty picture. When clients are unable to imagine themselves living in a property, chances are it will not be sold quickly. With the hyper-competitiveness in today’s Real Estate Rendering Market, it becomes all the more important that homes for sale are presented in the best possible light.

Physical Staging – the Traditional Way VS. 3D Virtual Staging – the Modern Way

Till recently, staging professionals used to be hired to fill empty homes with furniture for a photoshoot, so that potential buyers could understand how the spaces worked. Their work involved clearing out the clutter, bringing in hired furniture and placing it in all the rooms to make the property seem clean, comfortable, and desirable. As you can imagine, this was an expensive proposition, and many realtors could not afford this.

3D Virtual Staging

Today’s answer- 3D virtual staging

Enter 3D virtual staging! If you haven’t heard of this term, 3D Virtual Staging encompasses technology at its creative best. By taking digital photographs of empty rooms and providing actual measurements taken at the site, 3D visualization experts can insert furniture, rugs, curtains, and accessories into the images.

Even if the photos show existing furniture which is perhaps not in the best shape, the staging designers will be able to remove the pieces of furniture that you do not want and replace them to complement the new style you have in mind. Clients who view the finished images can connect with the spaces emotionally; a big factor when it comes to making a bid for the property!

How does 3D Virtual Staging work?

In contrast to physical staging, virtual staging images are created using 3D Staging Software, quickly and at a very affordable price tag. Designers can create and customize furniture and furnishings to make a completely bare room look stylish and comfortably lived in. They can create stunningly Photorealistic Visuals that will help to capture the real potential of your listing, and make buyers fall in love with the homes!

3D Virtual Staging Before

3D Virtual Staging Services After

Advantages of 3D Virtual Staging

Compared to traditional staging, virtual staging is a quick, hassle-free, and inexpensive way to stage an empty property for online listings.

As virtual staging does not involve moving around actual pieces of heavy furniture, changing the wallpaper or paint colors or trying out new lighting fixtures, there is no need for transportation, furniture rentals or manual labor and practically no restrictions at all. Designers can play around with their imagination and can stage the room to any style, theme, or color preference in a jiffy. They can also change the color of the walls, try out different furnishings, cabinet colors or kitchen appliances and various options of flooring to indicate how the home would look after a makeover.

How can you get started?

If you are looking to get your property noticed, fill it virtually with the right design elements that will help it to sell! There are many 3D Property Staging Experts like Rayvat Engineering who will create digitally appealing images that you can use to showcase your home online. Usually, all you need to do is to upload digital pictures to their website and give them measurements (only if needed); and the property staging designers will digitally add furniture such as sofas, beds, couches, tables and whatever else you specify to breathe life into the rooms.

Most designers will have pre-designed furniture options that you can choose from, or you can ask them to customize the interiors to your specifications. They will also usually oblige if you ask for a few revisions. Once done, they will send you back the digitally finished files for you to use in your postings online. You can even print the pictures or add them to your print catalogs, as you may wish.

Statistics posted by the National Association of Realtors indicate that at least 90% of buyers use the Internet to search for a home. Most of these buyers opt for homes that are listed with well laid-out photographs of the rooms, as they can get a better ‘feel’ of the lived-in spaces. Listings without photographs are often overlooked, but properties always get noticed the moment the good 3D virtually staged visuals are added. Do make sure that the images you add are realistic; as poorly rendered images do more harm than good!

Most real estate firms are already using this innovative digital technology to impress buyers and get an edge over the competition. If you haven’t tried this as yet, do call the Rayvat Team and we will help you to get started!