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Why 360 VR Makes Big Sense for Small Businesses

Online marketing trends get more innovative by the day, and the latest buzz in town is around 360 Degree Virtual Reality for Local Businesses! With this unique form of complete video experience, audience engagement is much higher, with viewers watching the video for 44% longer. And that’s not all. Not only are viewers taking longer on the page, but they are buying into the deal too! Studies have found that conversion rates are twice as high as with traditional videos, and click-to-purchase rates are up to 14 times as high. People like the power of being able to interact with the camera and move around without limits, controlling what they can see.

360-degree panoramic images and Google Street View Virtual tours have helped many small businesses to grow their in-store traffic exponentially. Here’s how:

Impact of 360 Views on Local SEO

360 degree VR Impacts your local SEO standing in a meaningful manner. When you implement your 360 tours on Google Street View, local search engines can point to your business very quickly, and this will help customers to locate your business and find you easily.

Most small businesses are not aware of just how much impact local SEO can have on the online visibility of their business. The results of a good SEO strategy often do not show up till a good three months into the campaign, and since the impact is not felt at once, people often believe that they have invested in a venture that is not paying. If you use a good analytics tracking device like Google My Business (GMB), though, you can track your online traffic, and when you do so, you will find that 360 VR adds a lot of indirect value to your local SEO ratings.

How so? Well, a little known fact is that a mapping application like Google Maps drives 44 % of business searches. When your search visitors land on the 360 views of your store online, they will get to see what’s in store for them and will make a beeline for your business!

Gain Local Visibility

To illustrate this, try searching for Real estate agents near me. Google maps show a square with a 360 arrow. If you have a virtual tour integrated with your location, then visitors will get directed to an inside view of your business, one of the best advertisements you could ever have online!

360 VR View

Increase your online bookings with no extra effort

Add a reservation button to your GMB, and your potential customers are going to book a tour with you with just a click. Sounds good?

Add to your Social Presence

Basically, To create a more visible online presence, Google search must be able to find you easily. You can help it along by publishing on Google Street View, which automatically connects to the Google+ business page. Add some pictures and testimonials to your business page, and you have instant advertising!

360 degree YouTube videos can also be posted to your GMB page, and you can optimize this by using the geo-localization tag. Voila! You will find that your brand is the toast of the town, all of a sudden!

Facebook now allows 360-degree pictures and street view tours to be embedded on the business page. Boost your post, and you can extend your global reach, getting valuable high interactions, engagements, and conversions.

Increase positive Customer Interactions and User Experiences

Content marketing is one of the ways businesses increase their online presence. This can take many forms; through a website, onsite and offsite blogs, videos, audio clips, photo images, and so on. You can publicize your content on various social media channels, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, and increase online visibility. Your content must be engaging, informative, and useful if you want to have an interested audience who keep coming back for more. By adding chatbots to your website, you can increase audience engagement and get a higher page rank on online search engines.

In all these forms of online media, 360-degree pictures are still a novelty for most people, and if you add a 360 VR Video or image, you will get an edge over your competition. Go against the grain, stand out and get noticed. Adding a 360 virtual tour will let your visitors have control over what they are seeing, and they would be more likely to spend more time viewing details of your business.

Increase your Organic Reach

Organic reach is the audience you can get without any paid distribution. This includes those who see your social media posts, follow you on Facebook and Instagram, and visit your website blogs or other online posts. If you are using 360 VR, with just one single photoshoot, and absolutely no other investment, your organic reach is going to go up exponentially and will continue to go up with no extra effort on your part. In other words, you are not required to do daily posting campaigns, email campaigns, or any other form of online marketing that needs additional money or effort.

For instance, if you are choosing to post your video on Facebook, the total potential Facebook viewing audience is a staggering 1.71 billion monthly active users. Imagine the traction your video could garner for your business if even a tiny fraction of them get to see your page!

A case study was undertaken by Montreal 360, a 360VR business in Australia showed that with just one interactive video, they were able to generate a total of 4.9 million views on street view for its client in a short span of 9 months. The reach generated by this simple video is staggering, considering the minuscule cost of implementing it.

As they have calculated, considering the average views their clients make on Google Street View, a single virtual tour would be worth 103$ of Facebook advertisement, month on month, absolutely no other extra effort at all, just one photoshoot. Wouldn’t you say that was worth it?

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How Instagram is Changing the Real Estate Marketing Game

Online marketing studies have shown a new trend: 63% of millennials would rather place their trust in what social media influencers have to say about brands, rather than in B2C brand advertising. No surprise there, as these influencers are now seen to play an increasingly significant role in the marketing world.

But just who are these influencers? To put it simply, an influencer is someone who has a large following on social media, and whose posts get noticed in the online world. Influencers in the Social Media world are capitalizing on their niche audiences to promote products and services, right from the latest micro fads in music and clothes to environmental campaigns on a macro level. In the world of real estate too, social media feeds are now playing a large role in reaching out to potential buyers.

Buyers who used to rely on real estate online listings or Property websites like Trulia now get the information they need fed to them on social media, through targeted feeds that cater to their specific requirements and interests. Through influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, real estate marketers are now able to take focussed content, including 3D Property Renderings to the next level. This means that they can draw the attention of a larger population of potential customers, even those who may not have intended to buy in the first place!

Instagram Success!

Sanjay Narula, of Prime Properties, has reaped the benefits of this new trend. Not only does he sell real estate, but he also dabbles in blogging and social media and found that his Instagram posts were hitting all the right spots. His paid Instagram ads featuring the advantages of buying into his properties have reached a far greater market than he could have envisaged at the outset, catapulting his Real Estate Business to the top of the charts in a very short period.

“I started up my Instagram account to promote my listings and found an instant uptick in responses. I have to agree that social media marketing has a huge impact on my business, far more than any form of traditional marketing could ever have had. Responses are instantaneous and there is a sense that you are connecting with customers in real-time. Everything is very personal and upfront.”

Sanjay is also appreciative of the data and statistics that print media cannot provide. He gets to know that 50 k unique accounts see his posts, which translates to mass exposure to a huge audience. “ The same post will show up several times on each person’s feed, which leads to greater conversion rates as well”, he explains. This is where Narula utilizes the value of Premium Quality 3D Renderings and 3D virtual Stagings to gain eye-time.

And just like many influencers, Narula has discovered that he can also have fun connecting with followers and creating a close-knit community. His unique approach is all about marketing a lifestyle which his real estate listings also happen to promote. He loves interacting with his audience, and talking to them about topics that range from his favorite restaurants to the stock market, besides real estate! “These queries are a lot of fun to answer and I get my social interaction and connections through the virtual world now. I think this is the best part of social media marketing…it’s very real!”

Viral Videos

A very happening trend in real estate online marketing through social media is sharing existing property videos, 3D walkthroughs, and 3D virtual tours. Sanjay Narula adds short 3D walkthroughs to his stories and often finds that they have quickly gone viral.

And there are many others who do the same. Patty Brown, of Ulrich Estates, got a very real and unexpected offer on a listing that she had made on Instagram, from a close friend who was not even looking to buy. Her friend said that the property looked so gorgeous that she was sorely tempted to invest. “The video tour showcased the stunning landscape, decks and swimming pool in a way that traditional real estate listings couldn’t have”, she explained. “And even though this friend did not end up buying it herself, she sent the video to her colleague who did sign the deal with us!”

Many influencers feel that 3D walkthroughs make a greater impact than 3D renderings, as they depict the right sense of spatial flow. While 3D renderings are very professional and look like they could be out of the pages of an architectural magazine, viewers get to see just too many such images and quickly grow tired of them. 3D walkthroughs and 3D virtual tours, on the other hand, get noticed and capture attention in a different way. They show things as they are, and from every angle, and viewers value the real-time element. Real estate agents can use influencers to point out what’s really important in the property.

High-Quality Photo Listings

Cul-de-suc - Instagram Changing the Real Estate Marketing Game

San Mateo photographer Cindy Rich has a lot of experience in working with real estate agents to create online listings and social media content. She has her own blog and Instagram account, and by posting pictures on her own account she has been able to propel sales of properties for her clients. “If you aren’t on Instagram these days, you are practically invisible”, she feels. “It is so much easier to close a deal when you have a social media account, and by using Instagram’s filters you can enhance the quality of your photographs even more. “

While quality images and videos help, using the right social media accounts through the right people is what really helps to get noticed. By telling your story in a way that engages audience attention and enhances recall, you can create a sense of buzz around your real estate brand that gets it noticed. The goal is to be the first brand that comes to mind when anyone in your social circle thinks of a real estate deal. By using social media influencers who can reach the right audience, you can create the connections that will help you sell your properties.

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