Make Your Presentations Shine with 3D Walkthrough Animations!

Make Your Presentations Shine with 3D Walkthrough Animations!

Drawings and sketches simply don’t cut it anymore when it comes to making winning architectural presentations. While 2D schematics are needed to showcase technicalities, they are not engaging enough to relay thoughts and concepts in depth. To communicate the value of their designs more effectively, architects need something that will kindle the imagination and fire appreciation of their ideas.

If you want your stakeholders to buy into your project, it’s important that your presentation should evoke the right emotions. People base their decisions on their hearts as well as their heads, and most times emotions prove to be more powerful than logical thinking. By getting your audience hooked onto your design thinking, you will be well on the way to getting them to see the value in your pitch.

What’s more, most clients and stakeholders are laypersons who do not understand fine technical aspects of the project, and are quite incapable of understanding plans and elevations. While they may understand photorealistic 3D renderings, they might not be enough to make them sit up and get enthralled. This is where 3D walkthrough animation comes into play, and takes over both the hearts and the minds of the audience so that they are unanimous in their appreciation of your project. An experienced 3D architectural rendering services company can make your presentation stand out and get noticed. Here’s how it can make a difference.

#1. 3D walkthroughs include elements that add context

Most customers make purchase decisions based on positive emotions. What makes them feel good is ultimately what they end up buying! When your presentation is able to help them imagine how their life will be when they occupy the house you are showcasing, that’s when you can consider that your sale is made.

3D animation services can help you to add contextual elements of the building that you are constructing. You can help potential buyers visualize themselves swimming in the pool, watching television in the family room, or having a cookout in the outdoor barbeque. You can show a car easing into the driveway, a dog running across the lawn or children playing in the garden. These images evoke positive emotions that help your viewers to make their buying decisions more easily. Animations score over still images, as the viewers are able to imagine themselves living in the house and enjoying themselves.

#2. Go on a viewing journey with a 3D walkthrough

A presentation that includes a 3D walkthrough animation engages the viewer in a way that is not easy to do so by any other means. Experienced artists can edit the walkthrough in such a way that changes between scenes are rapid, making the presentation appear very dynamic. Close ups as well as aerial images can show all aspects of the property and the design detailing. The edits can be done in such a way as to capture attention, making it look like the viewer is taken on a journey through the house.

This is where 3D animation scores over an actual video that is shot with a camera, as the artist is easily able to use camera angles and views that an actual video camera would find it hard to navigate. 3D animation software is also able to incorporate sounds during the edit, which means that it is very easy to add music and voiceover; and also create special effects like the sound of falling water or the wind whistling through the trees in the backyard.

#3. 3D animation videos engage the viewer, leaving a long-lasting impact

For a presentation to be truly effective, it should leave an impact on the viewer’s mind that lasts long after the video has ended. When your audience is triggered to talk about your project even after your presentation has ended, you can be sure that your pitch was effective and has made an impression that will last. With a well-executed 3D walkthrough animation, you can engage your viewers and push them to make their buying decisions quickly.

An added advantage is that you can give the presentation on a pen drive to your customers, allowing them to revisit the experience later on at their own convenience. Easier still, they could even be given a cloud link from where they could download the video and view it again. If there are any aspects of the design that were in doubt, they can take another look and relive the emotions they felt when they watched it for the first time.

#4. 3D walkthrough animation gives a clear idea about the neighbourhood

The surrounding environment is also very important when it comes to a buying decision. Many customers like to know whether there are schools in close proximity, whether your building is close to a park or other social amenities, and what the immediate landscape looks like. You animation can showcase all these aspects in interesting ways, for instance by showing people engaging in activities around the residential complex. You will be able to see people going for a walk with their babies in a pram, children playing in the park and so on. This goes a long way toward making the project seem like a place where they could potentially enjoy themselves.

If your video is being watched by investors or other stakeholders, they will be able to judge whether your project holds enough promise for them to park their hard earned money. Builders and real estate developers can study the advantages of the location of the project and understand how they can market it in the future.

#5. 3D animation showcases the building during different seasons of the day

With a 3D walkthrough animation, it is very easy to show the building in different environments. You will be able to show your audience how it would look in a snow covered landscape, or when the walkway is covered with flowers during spring. This helps the audience get a clear perception of the project during different seasons.

You can also show the building during the daytime and at night and allow them to imagine how it will look at different times of the day. By changing views in this manner, they can check out how natural and artificial lighting works for the building. They will be able to see it on a rainy evening with overcast skies, as well as on a sunny day when the garden is in full bloom.

As we have seen, by using 3D walkthrough animation for your presentation, your audience is able to get the context for your proposed building and can understand all the design elements very clearly. They are able to go on a visual journey of the project, and imagine how the experience of actually living there would feel. The positive emotions that are evoked during the viewing journey might help them to make their purchase decision very quickly. Above all, 3D walkthroughs are a great marketing and sales tool that can be used by architects and salespeople alike.

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