How it Works

3D Rendering Process Flow

Stage - 1: Pre - Start :

First Meeting

We shall arrange a kick off call from our end at a time of your convenience. You are requested to get as many stakeholders available for this call.

We shall discuss:-

  • The hierarchy of stakeholders
  • The deliverable nuances
  • Input data brief
  • Process Flow and milestones

Note* – At this stage, its very important to be prepared with inputs in as much details (approx 90%) of project. This shall enable a smooth execution flow in subsequent stages. We emphasize this stage as the most crucial stage.

How it Works Stage 1

How its Work Stage 2

Stage - 2: Modeling and Artistic Brief

2D to 3D Modeling requires an average of 3-4 business days, complex projects taking longer. Its important to provide input details in as much detail as possible.

The 3D Models shall be shared either as snapshots from multiple angles or the model itself to get approval on the architectural details. Once this is freezed , we move on to discussing the creative details.

Creative Brief: Once the 3D Model is approved, details like camera angles, lighting conditions/time of day, furniture and décor style along with details of supporting entourage like shops, buildings, people are freezed.

Stage - 3: The First Draft

We shall arrange the first draft of the image for your review. Its helpful to have as many stakeholders to provide markups that includes:

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Marketing Agency

The feedback is to be collated by a single point of contact as discussed in the initial kick-off call and to be relayed back to us. We encourage use of markup tools like Redpen IO, Lightshot for this purpose.

Note* – Please be as thorough as possible while providing markups as additional changes at a later stage may incur charges. Also, timelines can be impacted for insufficient markups.

Stage 3

Modern 3D Interior Rendering Services

Stage - 4: Second Draft

Based on the inputs received as markups in first review, we shall arrange a second draft. Its expected to have minimum comments/markups at this stage.

We still encourage having all the requisite stakeholders as mentioned in stage 3 to  be a part of the review process.

Note* – We shall take 24-48 hours to amend the renders and revert back with updated renders. Please check the renders carefully as additional changes will incur additional costs as well as substantial time delays.

Stage - 5: Final Delivery

It’s the time you have been waiting for!

We shall be submitting the low-resolution images for final approval. This image shall be fair enough to check that all the inputs and details are incorporated into the render. 

You are requested to give a final approval to provide high resolution images now. Once the payment has been made in full, we shall submit the final deliverable in FULL HD 4K resolution. This can be used for any of your needs like printing for billboards, website uploading and brochures.

The project concludes!

Rendering Services Stage 5 Image

We hope you are as excited as us to use the creatives for your business purpose. Its our sincere endeavor to make this journey as smooth as possible. We wish to assist you better in your next endeavor.

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