Our Vision


Our philosophy is that every creative we prepare is a unique piece of art, where our clients can achieve to express all emotions, forms, and vision for the project, making it “Unique.” Our deliverables have two essential elements: Passion for art and dedication to the client.

Who We Are


Rayvat Engineering is an Architectural rendering studio that comprises outstanding professionals in design, visualization, and CGI. Utilizing the most modern software’s and tools to bring your ideas to life, we deliver high-quality 3D Rendering Solutions for our clientele worldwide.

163Clients Served
341Projects Executed
27Geographies Served

What We Do


Be it a still image, an architectural animation video or 360° visuals, Rayvat Studio helps showcase your architecture and landscape designs such that it brings out the character and feel of the identity you wish to portray to your stakeholders.

At Rayvat Engineering, we are united by our drive to prepare the highest quality 3D Renders, CGI imagery and Animation, that stands out from the mundane. We provide services across the following domains:-

Architectural Visualization

Architectural Animation

Drafting & Modeling

Why Outsource to Rayvat Engineering?

At Rayvat Group, we strongly believe Edward Deming’s Principle “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It“. Owing to the same, we strive for excellence backed by data derived from individual processes. Although being an abstract field, we relentlessly track our KPI’s to provide impeccable service to our clients. Some of the key KPI’s in which we excel are as follows:-


Right First Time
( R.F.T)
76% of all deliverables approved in the first instance by our esteemed clients.
Average Setup Time  From project confirmation to kick-starting the execution, we have averaged 33 hours.
On-Time Delivery 
( OTD)
 94.7 % adherence to TAT timeframes in 2015-16.
Engineering Utilization  Only 8.4% of project parts by time have been subcontracted to our partners in instances of peak demands.
Cost Efficiency  63 % cost savings as compared to the global benchmarks – Source – Human Capital Report – Payscale.com ( pertaining to US geography)


Our talented pool of artists provides a distinct technological edge for you to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving industry. As a strategic partner, we ensure that while we take care of your designing needs, your firm strengthens its core capability.

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Try us out today to get hassle free, timebound and quality deliverable for your project. Our experienced designers help you create an impactful rendering suited for your stakeholders.