3D Furniture Modeling: 3D Furniture Rendering Services
3D Furniture Modeling

3D Furniture Modeling Services

Rayvat Engineering acts as an enabler for your high quality 3D Furniture Modeling needs. Our talented team of 3D Furniture Designers helps you prepare the highest quality photo-realistic 3D Furniture Models and Imagery that enhance your success rate in the online marketplace.

Through cutting-edge softwares, we can effectively showcase your 3D Furniture Modeling deliverables with requisite elements like Lighting, Texture, Background, and Aesthetics.

How 3D Furniture Modeling adds value to you?

These days as furniture retailers shift their business structures from Brick & Mortar to Click & Mortar, keeping inventory levels low as far as possible is the single most pressing concern. Through furniture catalog marketing, whereby a retailer showcases all their inventory online through high-quality photo-realistic images in the natural setting, it is becoming possible to manufacture the furniture as Make To Order (MTO) reducing inventory by as much by 78%.

High quality 3D furniture modeling and rendering provides the customer an appealing visual that gives them a 3D perspective with respect to space, form factor and utility. Prominent players in the industry like IKEA, Wayfair and Ashley Furniture are realizing the benefits of photo-realistic 3D Furniture Modeling to incorporate these elements further into their Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offerings.

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Over the last decade, we have striven to carve a niche for ourselves as a partner to Furniture Designing Firms leveraging our expertise across the following Domains:

  • 3D Commercial Furniture Modeling – (Workchairs, Workstations, Café Tables, Work Stools, Cabinets and Drawers etc.)
  • 3D Residential Furniture Modeling – (Indoor and Outdoor Sofas and Sectionals, Coffee Tables, Ottomans and Poufs, Dining Table, Kitchen Cabinetry and Islands etc.)
  • 3D Outdoor Furniture – (Patio Furniture,  Outdoor Storage and Heating, Outdoor Dining, Camping & Hiking Trailers etc.)

3D Furniture Modeling Portfolio

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Looking for a 3D Furniture Modeling Services?

Get in touch with us for your 3D Furniture Modeling needs. We have the capabilities to execute projects of small (upto 50 models) to large (500+) volume with our in-house team of furniture modelers cum texture artists. Experience how our proposition of high-turnaround in least timeframe can add value to your business.