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3D Virtual Staging

3D Virtual Staging

With Rayvat Engineering’s 3D Virtual Staging services, save yourself thousands of dollars and critical listing time while increasing leads for your property by breaking down the visualization barrier that is a part of house/property hunting process.

Why not Physical Staging?

Staged homes close faster and at a considerably higher rate. Physical stagings are time consuming, costly and may derail the whole listing process. Our 3D Virtual staging services help you highlight your listing among multiple other competing properties. Also, we can put up numerous design options to suit your prospective renters’ or buyers’ taste.

Additionally, its easy and will cost you far less than physical staging. Check below pricing structure:

Contact Us Now, and We’ll Get You Started in 3 Simple Steps!

Stage – 1

Submit listing Images & Select Design Styles

Provide us your listing image and references for the styling as per your target market needs.

You can provide references from images across the internet or styles such as Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Rustic or Scandinavian, etc. Our designers will customize each virtual staging in accordance to your need.

Stage – 2

Provide Feedback via markups and approve your virtual stagings.

Our designing team will submit drafts for you to review, provide markups and approve the deliverables in 24-48 hours. Once the drafts are accepted, you can make the final payment and receive the high resolution, photorealistic immersive renderings.

Stage – 3

Incorporate Virtual Stagings into your listings

Quickly upload your high-resolution virtual stagings onto your listing page. Rayvat Engineering provides you images in multiple sizes such that its compatible across multiple listing platforms. Just let us know the optimum resolution of image and we shall get it done!

Ready to Unlock Your Listings Potential via 3D Virtual Stagings?

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