One of the leading Architectural Design Company located in Dallas. They usually focus on creating upscale residential and commercial complexes.

Since they were in business for five years, the firm had landed a few great projects. Due to which, the number of their clients increased drastically. Since the demand for their services was too much, they decided to go ahead and outsource some of their architectural services to a partner that would not only help them meet this demand. They would also do it within the pre-specified time frame. The firm chose Rayvat Engineering after looking at our decade worth of experience as well as our work with some of the other reputed firms.

The Challenges:

Once we received the brief, we sat down as a team to discuss the list of potential challenges that we might face while taking on this project. Like every other project, we like first to analyze the obstacles so that the team is fully prepared for the contingencies. Some of the problems that our team identified where:

  1. Since the client had just started growing regarding business and reputation, it was of the utmost importance that our services should be such that it would help increase their growth.
  2. The quality of our services should be the best at any mistake on our part, could mean a loss of business for them and this was not at all acceptable.
  3. We asked the respective department heads to list down the human resources, monetary, and other resource requirements to ensure that we quote the best and the most affordable price for them.

The Solution:

After an in-depth discussion with our clients and learning exactly what they want, we decided that our team approach would be as follows:

  1. Since the quality was so important to the client, we assigned two of our best drafters for the client.
  2. The client had indicated that the workload may still increase, which is why we had a third drafter as a standby.
  3. We charted out how the quality checks will be done to ensure that error-free work is done while there is no stagnation to the timeline due to all these checks.
  4. Final check to be done by our CAD manager.

The Results:

Our clients thoroughly appreciated all our suggestions. They were impressed with our turnaround time as well as maintaining the high-end quality. The highlights of the projects were as below:

  1. The client was able to cut down their costing by almost $8,000 per month.
  2. The business increased by 20% as the client spent more time and resources on business development.
  3. We worked with the client’s in-house team, so the quality of our drafts was strictly following the guidelines set by the client.
  4. We ensured that all the drafts were sent way before the timeline specified by the client.

Gain highest quality Architectural Drawings at the lowest possible cost:

Rayvat Engineering is well known for delivering high-quality Architectural drawings and drafts at the most affordable price. We have been in the business for over a decade and have worked on the vast number of projects. Our project portfolio is quite versatile, and we believe in truly partnering with our client for both of us to grow in our fields.  

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