In this article, we see different techniques for Architectural Design. For that are used by various outsourcing agencies. Over the years, these techniques have evolved and have been accepted all over the world.

The most important part of a Floor Plan Designs for any building, residential or commercial, is to match it to the style and taste of your potential clientele. While you focus on groundbreaking designs, you can work with outsourcing agencies to use their specialized techniques to render them in a way that would increase the market potential of your project. Before you choose your partner, you need to know the different methods that are used to create architectural designs. Knowing this would help you choose the one that would be able to produce results as per your requirement. Here are some of the most used techniques:

  • The Saltbox Design Technique:

A direct descendant of the colonial style of design, the saltbox design technique is the most easily recognizable. Early American designers developed it. It is the most distinguishable feature of this design that there is an extended roofline that slopes a bit from the ridge till the eaves. Some of the best models of today’s times have borrowed from this design.

  • The Architectural Garrison Design Technique:

A subtle blend of modern and traditional design is what distinguishes the Architectural Garrison Design Technique. One of the best features of this design technique is the second story that overhangs above the first. This does not just look good. It also has many functional advantages. One of them being the use of straight and short lines that would provide support and economy in the framing. Secondly, you can add a whole lot of space without adding to the overall costs of the project. The design technique also adds space for an attic in the house while maintaining traditional design elements.

  • The Southern Colonial Design Technique:

While this design technique is similar to the saltbox technique in a way that both have elements of colonial design, the southern colonial design technique has a southern architectural flavor. This design technique reflects true southern qualities: warmth, generousness, hospitality, and quaintness. This design technique amalgamates the authentic traditional charm with subtle modern elegance.

The best way to identify this technique is the beautiful portico and a colonnade in the front. The significant part of this design is that the entrance, first and the second floor of the project entirely sheltered due to the patio, and so in the places where the weather is a bit harsh, this would be an excellent technique to follow.

The projects designed under this technique are usually residential. Usually, those projects that are on the upper limit of the financial budgeting as the design includes upper and lower balconies, fireplaces in the bedroom, almost three-storied chimneys, iron trimmings, intricate woodworks as well as a covering over the sidewalks.

While there are many other techniques, these three techniques are ones that are the most popular. Our primary expertise deals with partnering with his clients to create and provide genuinely great architectural design services.

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