Bedroom CGI that perfectly conveys comfort and style

Bedroom CGI that perfectly conveys comfort and style

It isn’t always easy to stand out from the crowd at interior project presentations. To really impress your clients, you must showcase the minute details of every room in the house—especially the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Your clients should be able to see and visualise your design concept, understand your vision and see the completed project through your eyes.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Traditional means of presentation, including 2D plans, elevations and sections, do not convey the ambience and finishes adequately at all. In fact, a layperson will not even be able to easily visualise what the spaces would look like as they lack the innate perception of depth needed to visualise the third dimension in the drawing. You will find that you are quite unable to convey your ideas to the client, in order to get them on board with your thinking.

Other forms of presentation, such a moodboards, sketches and swatches also fall short when it comes to conveying your ideas in their entirety. This is where photorealistic bedroom CGI holds all the advantages.

At Rayvat, we have created stunning 3D presentations for hundreds of talented designers who have seen the benefits of using CGI in their presentations. They have been able to wow even the most fussy customers with hyper-realistic CGI images that are virtually indistinguishable from a real photograph. These 3D visualization bedroom images leave nothing to the imagination and allow clients to understand every aspect of the finished design.

Read on to find out how 3D visualization techniques can help you to roll out the most stunning presentations!

#1. Clearly depict the room layout through Bedroom CGI

Clearly depict the room layout through Bedroom CGI

You might have thought out the floor plan in elaborate detail, but are not able to get your clients to visualize it in the same way that you do. People who have not been trained to understand a 2D drawing will not be able to follow your thought process and cannot read the drawing easily. Using 3D architecture visualization, you can showcase different views of the same room, helping the viewer grasp the dimensions of the space, the arrangement of furniture, and the finishes of the walls, floor and furnishings that you have conceptualised. Even if it is a plan view, taken from above, the extra element of depth makes all the difference.

#2. Perfectly showcase the cozy ambience of the bedroom

Perfectly showcase the cozy ambience of the bedroom

If you want to portray the ambience that you are trying to create - even before it is actually created – then the only way is by using photorealistic bedroom CGI. Your bedroom should be a haven of comfort and peace, a place where you can unwind and de-stress at the end of a long and tiring day! With 3D renders, you will be able to convey the atmosphere that you have in mind.

Using CGI techniques, you can brush in the little details that go into creating a ‘lived in’ look and feel. Warm pools of light on either side of the bed, pillows so soft you could sink right in and a fluffy comforter that invites you to snuggle down. All these are the subtle touches that can never be captured to perfection in a flat layout plan or an elevation. When your clients get to imagine the soft, dreamy atmosphere you have created, they will fall in love with your concepts too!

#3. Use light filters in Bedroom CGI to show rooms in the daytime and at night

Use light filters in Bedroom CGI to show rooms in the daytime and at night

The lighting design in a bedroom is especially important and needs to be spot on, as the right lighting can make or break the mood in the room. With bedroom CGI, you can actually recreate the lighting plan that you have in mind to perfection. Create layers of ambient light, task lights and mood lighting, and show your clients how these lights work together to create the soft, tranquil and peaceful ambience that is so perfect for relaxing at the end of the day.

As an interior designer, it is very important to be able to clearly explain your lighting concepts to clients so that they can give you the right feedback and approve your designs quickly. With 3D interior visualization, you will be able to do just that.

#4. Present the chosen finishes, colours and textures through CGI

Present the chosen finishes, colours and textures through CGI

A swatch of material or a small sample of laminate is never enough for your customers to understand how this fabric or material will look when used in the room. Using 3D imagery, you can place your choices within the room, and demonstrate every texture and pattern in the colours and finishes that you have carefully selected. Clearly highlight the plush velvet finishes in the duvet, the satiny-softness of the linen sheets, and the warmth of the shag carpet underfoot through high quality renders.

Your clients can get the feel of how the colours work together and will be able to immediately let you know whether they like your choices or would like to see a few more options before they decide. Hasten the process of approval, leaving no room for ambiguity toward the end of the project.

#5. Zoom in on the details with CGI Bedroom Pictures

Zoom in on the details with CGI Bedroom Pictures

The design is all in the details, and bedroom CGI allows those fine, intricate details to be showcased, making all the difference to your presentation! The artwork on the walls, the light and shade detailing on the floor, the bunch of roses on the side table- all these add up to powerful imagery that elevates your interior concept from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

These, then, are the ways in which bedroom CGI can help you make a winning presentation that will leave your clients completely convinced about every aspect of your design. They will have no doubt or misunderstanding about your concepts, and will fully understand your ideas.

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