Why is Drafting Important

Rayvat Engineering is an outsourcing company that provides various services like CAD drafting, 2D, and 3D drafting, Architectural CAD Drafting Services to offshore clients.

The role of CAD Design and Drafting services are to digitize the plans that are created by experienced CAD drafters. Over the years the part of CAD has redefined to include undertakings for MEP, compositional as well as structural designs. Together they are called “drafting reports” and are essential for designers, and modelers to create proper building procedures.

Rayvat has been known to provide Quality Design and Drafting services for the engineering industry. The best part of outsourcing with CAD drafting and design services with Rayvat Engineering is that we focus on details like doors and window drawings, furniture and fixtures, floor and roof elements, and much more to provide realistic CAD drafts.

The company does not restrict itself to a single software and can work on any software that the client prefers like Microstation, Architectural CAD Drafting Services. Our designers spend most of their time creating multi-story, lodging. Instructive structures, commercial structures, hotel, hospital, places of worship, and many more. Any draft our client wants, Rayvat team would be well versed with fulfilling the requirement. Our team of experienced CAD drafters knows how to expertly weave creativity with science to give you the best possible services.

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