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Importance and Benefits of House Floor Plans

Architects and Interior Designers all agree; good designs will always start with the floor layout! A House Floor Plan indicates the layout of the property, as viewed from above. Drawn to scale, a plan shows the location of walls, doors, and windows, as well as fixed and movable furniture such as kitchen cabinets, sofas, beds, and wardrobes. House plans with exteriors also indicate garden and courtyard spaces, outdoor sheds and swimming pools and so on.

What is the importance of creating a detailed floor plan? A floor plan shows the flow of spaces in a room, indicating the footprints of furniture and the remaining area that is available for circulation. It depicts accurately scaled down walls, positions of windows and doors, electrical and plumbing points, and the furniture layout.

Types of House Floor Plans

There are two types of House Floor Plans: 2D Floor Plan and 3D Floor Plan. A 2D plan is a diagram, such as a blueprint or an AutoCAD Drawing that is ‘flat’ and does not show the depth or height of objects. A 3D Floor Plan shows the layout in 3D, that is including depths, heights, and perspective. Because of the added dimension, 3D plans make it very easy to understand the size and layout of spaces. Both 2D and 3D house floor plans are popularly used by real estate marketing agents and builders during property sales. 3D floor plans that are in full color can even show furnishings, textures, and finishing of surface materials to give potential buyers a very realistic depiction of the spaces.

Collins Avenue First Floor Plan

Wanna try creating layout options yourself?

Floor plans can also help you to work out the best interior layouts for your rooms. While architects and designers can create professional drawings, you can also try an easy exercise yourself! If you have a plan that’s accurately drawn to scale, you can make cut-outs of your scaled down pieces of furniture, and move them around within the room to see which interior layout works best for the space available. Leave some space in front of doors and in front of cabinets, as you should be able to open the shutters. Place the pieces of furniture where you would like to have them….a sofa against a wall, or overlooking a sunny window, for instance. When you are able to create a nice flow between spaces, the layout will be easy to use and will also be aesthetically pleasing as well. You can try out various options, keeping in mind the positioning of the pieces of furniture or appliances that you already own and what you will need to buy.

Here are the direct and indirect benefits of getting a 3D House Floor Plan for your property.

Get your property listing noticed!

Buying and selling houses has become very competitive these days. Property developers and sellers find that professionally created 3D Floor Plans that include the dimensions of rooms will help breathe life into their listed properties, capturing the attention of prospective buyers who would like to see whether the spaces will work well for them or not. Real estate listings are highly competitive, and if the listing shows a detailed 3D floor plan, it gets noticed by people who are looking to make a purchase.

Plans are accurate and definitive

A floor plan has been found to be more important than photos or descriptions in the listing. Photographs can be deceptive, but plans are always considered to be definitive. Even if buyers are not able to visit the property to make a physical inspection in person, a house floor plan gives a detailed high-res view of the spaces available and enables them to visualize the spaces in a much more optimal way.

Visualize Spaces

Many realtors feel that the absence of a well-depicted floor plan is actually a significant barrier to sales. Without house floor plans, buyers cannot easily visualize the spatial arrangement and sizing of the house. Many buyers will skip listings where the house floor plan is not included and will be less likely to call to arrange a tour.

Understand spatial relationships

They may also not be able to judge whether the layout suits their needs- for instance, a split level house will not work well for a family where someone is physically challenged and unable to navigate steps easily. Families with small children will want the bedroom to be close to the nursery so that they can keep an eye on their little ones easily. Those who love entertaining would want a house that has large terraces or decks, and a kitchen that is open-plan and centrally situated.

House Floor Plan Design

Showcase key features

While photographs do a great job of showing the exterior of the house and the garden, a plan is what draws attention to the overall layout and flow of interior spaces. By getting a good idea of how all the spaces work together, buyers will be able to judge whether they want to make a bid for a property or not. If the garden or pool is an important feature of the property, it can be shown on the plan as well, and realtors can thus highlight key features of the house that will help them to sell it.

Determine floor area easily

When the floor plan is drawn out to scale, buyers can also easily determine the sizes and floor area of the property and will know that they are getting good value for their money.  An accurately drawn plan will help to give clarity to unseen properties, helping buyers know what they are investing into. Their chances of buying a property that is listed with a plan are far higher than from other real estate agents who may have listed only photographs and not plans.

Are you looking to sell your property or give it out for rent? If you do not have a floor plan included in your property listing, then you may be missing out on a lot of potential buyers….so do consider including a floor plan when you put your property on the market! If you are looking to create 2D or 3D floor plans that are rich in detail and imagery, get in touch with the team at Rayvat Engineering, and we will help you to increase the marketability of your project!

Architectural Floor Plans: The New Trend of Floor Plan Design

The new Trend of 3D Architectural Floor Plans, If we look at today’s real estate trends, open floor plans are quite popular among the home buyers. So it is no surprise that builders are creating their Architectural Floor Plans in a way that is in line with this new trend. Although this style of floor plan design has been popular since the early nineties, it has started gaining demand now which is why many new projects’ 3D Architectural Floor Plans has this design.

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Choosing the Right Architectural Floor Plan

One of the main things to keep in mind while choosing an Architectural 3D Floor Plan Services is how long the person intends to live in that place. Properties that are built on single stories are most accessible to maintain and develop. Many people decide to move to a double story property near their retirement, and that would be a big mistake. Mainly because with age most people start to find it difficult to use stairs. So, homes with single stories are more comfortable to sell as they are the ones without stairs.

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Recreate your Project Virtually with 3Ds Max Architectural Floor Plan Rendering

The demand for the hand-drawn renders has decreased to the point of nonexistence, with the advent of Architectural Floor Plan Rendering. The reason for its success is the high demand as well as the application of computer graphics to create a photorealistic virtual image. You could increase your real estate sales by utilizing Architectural floor plan renders.

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Get a Modern House Plans Design for your Firm NOW!

3D floor plan designs depict a bird’s eye view of the buildings. It is a handy tool that conveys architectural plans fundamentally to show to the clients, engineers, builders, financiers or any other stakeholders for them to get an idea about the project in question.

Another significant use of Architectural Floor Plan Designs is that it helps the firms visualize the expected output at the start of the project. We support the firm to analyze the mistakes if any and rectify it at an early stage. The added advantage of having a 3D floor plan is that since it presents all the amenities and fixtures beforehand, you can plan and make the project foul proof.

Generally, these 3D Rendering to scale. Which means that it would include the walls as well as the floor, so you will be able to see your project as is from outside and inside, including the placement of doors, fenestrations, and windows. But, the point to be noted here is that there would be a ceiling in these 4D floor plan renderings. The reason for this is that if the roof had been included, it would obstruct the view of the entire model.

But you can request your outsourcing service provider to add furniture and fixtures in the project model. If you do so, you would be able to communicate your vision for the interior design in a much better way. This can be used for residential and commercial projects.

Get a Modern House Plans Design for your Firm NOW!