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Décor & Lighting Element Modeling

Décor and Lighting Element Modeling

Most of the interior designers try to create exceptional living spaces in a limited budget.  It’s not an easy feat at all.  Although builders offer hundreds of optional upgrades, most home buyers’ improvement budget will be spent on flooring, appliances and cabinets etc.

This is a key problem because an average builder home needs $4,000 in electrical upgradation itself apart from expenses on exquisite décor elements , and a lot of homes never get these needed upgrades.

Out of the available options to upgrade, wont it be awesome if someone can show exactly how a particular lighting or décor element would look in a particular light and ambiance setting?

Rayvat Engineering helps you visualize your future room so that you can zero down on the lighting and décor element suitable for you. After all, its not about plugging in a couple of lamps or installing a high wattage lamp, its about inspiring interior lighting that creates ambiance and warmth for you!

Get in touch with us today for Décor and Lighting Element Modeling, which are the pre-requisites to create a photo-realistic render of the space to be designed.

Rayvat Engineering can assist you with the following aspects:

Décor Element – Wall Art, Mirrors, Home Accents, Pillows and Throws, Curtains & Drapes, Rugs, Decorative Elements, Sculptures etc.

Lighting Elements – Pendent Lights, Chandelier, Island Lights, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Outdoor Wall Lights, Coach Lights etc.

Looking for Décor and Lighting Element Modeling?

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