3D Rendering Services are the most sought after marketing tool these days for real estate marketing. They provide a near-to-accurate representation of the completed project. The benefits of 3D Exterior Rendering Services are the following:

(i) The client gets a realistic understanding of the design.
(ii) Gives a more comprehensive understanding of the project.
(iii) Designer’s vision is effectively conveyed. 3D Rendering is more potent than other mediums like hand sketches.

The 3D Rendering Services, especially 3D exterior rendering services, are priced proportionately to the nuances or particulars that go into executing the renders.

Elements Affecting the Cost:

– Technical nuances
– Deliverable timelines
– Non-Technical nuances

Exactly, What Comprises of the Cost for 3D Exterior Rendering Services?


#1 Aesthetic Styling

The 3D rendering has to be an accurate reflection of the project’s design. The detailing and style used in the design have to be portrayed exactly in the rendering as well. This could be as strenuous as the actual construction of those on-site, this just being digital and replicable.

The detailing, the understanding and appropriate representation of the design might be affected by budget and time constraint and the charges are levied accordingly.

#2 Scale and Size of the Project

The scale and size of the project matters when it comes to 3D exterior rendering services. The requirements for each project are different and they require different considerations. Time is an important factor that is addressed here. The time requirements for different projects right from a simple cottage to a skyscraper are different.

#3 Background of the Rendering

The more the efforts that go into the background or environment, the more it adds up to the cost. The backdrop rendering, additional to the basic building stock is what adds life into the rendering. There are three basic types of environments.

(i) Photo

Photos would the cheapest way to go for the surroundings. It is a great base for demonstrating the before and after of the project implementation. It could from as simple a source as actual site photographs. For instance, in the case of 3D House Rendering, one might place the building atop the site photograph for a preliminary understanding of context and workability.

Simon Bucher Exterior Rendering

(ii) Ghost Buildings

Ghost buildings are low-poly models. These can be created faster and it puts the project in a plain context when the focus rests entirely on the architect’s vision.

3D Exterior Design

(iii) Photo-Real Environment Rendering

Photo-real environment renderings are the most common form of project presentations for high-end projects. They give a larger than life, realistic impression of the project. This of course is additional to the basic building stock to add a sense of reality. This sort of 3D rendering service is what gives you an edge. It not only makes it easy and conveyable to the client but also relatable to the commoner. That is a huge factor that adds to the cost of the 3D exterior rendering service.

3D Exterior Render - Brewery - Montana Whiskey Company

The choice of environment wholly depends on the 3D artist and the client budget. The architects and designers choose what best might portray the design effectively and take a call accordingly. Also, certain particular demands or time constraints on the presentations or deadline again influences the cost.

#4 Effective Perspectives

The angle or perspective from which the model [here referring to the rendered product] matters. Creating effective frames and capturing powerful perspectives is the key to any successful project presentation. 3D house rendering could demand a more humane perspective while a 3D exterior rendering of a skyscraper demands its scale to be covered. The environment along with the structure clubbed with skillful views demands work and precision. This precisely is what you may pay for.

A design might be your language, but it is still a technical language. For a commoner aka the client, a powerful perspective of the project, which is more relatable to him, is preferred.

The tiniest of elements, right from a plant to something as huge as the sky itself, everything takes effort. The requirement of perspectives determines the cost factor.

#5 Post-Production

The finishing touch, to make the rendering look more realistic, more organic with finer details and its minuteness is precisely post-production. This detailing might vary with each project and it affects the cost.


#1 Labour and Skill

3D rendering services require a lot of effort and time input. The expertise of course adds to the cost of the project. A skilled expert in the meantime also delivers faster owing to the learning curve concept, thus a win-win combination.

#2 Software and Technical Infrastructure

The technical infrastructure that is required to execute the project like software support add to set-up cost. Mainframe PC’s / Render farms and multiple software/plugin licensing are the pre-requisites for this endeavor.

Why Outsourcing is a Good Option for you?

As designing is the forte of an architect, the 3D rendering is the forte of a 3D rendering artist. The technical expertise that comes with executing various such 3D renderings the prime reason you must consider outsourcing your 3D Rendering Services.

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