Real Estate Rendering Specialists are often asked to quote an approximate cost for their services, and they find it hard to do this as prices can vary greatly; ranging from a few hundred dollars for simple renderings to the thousands for high quality Photorealistic 3D Rendering Services! In order to be able to give a proper estimate for an Exterior or Interior rendering or Architectural Animation, the Visualization Artist must have a very good understanding of the project itself.

Many people think that the computer does all the work, and by just clicking on the ‘render’ tab on a SketchUp model, the rendering will get done on its own! Nothing could be further from the truth. Architectural 3D Rendering Services require immense patience, painstaking attention to detail, and a whole lot of visualization prep work. Pricing is quoted based on the actual amount of work involved, and there are many factors that determine the costs of this real estate marketing service. Here, we show you how the pricing varies based on these factors.

How is The Scope Of The Project Determined?

To create 3D photorealistic rendering, the artist has to create a 3D world that encapsulates whatever is required to be shown in the rendering, both in plain view and hidden. The foundations of the entire project are carefully constructed using 3D modeling, and this step is critical to be able to deliver the perfect final finish. The amount of work involved depends on the viewing angle of the final image. If the interior of just one room in a house will be visible, then the work involved is far less than if the view will be showing several rooms in a multi-storeyed building.

Number of Images

Residential Real Estate Rendering


Residential Real Estate Rendering

Architectural Rendering Services will start with creating a 3D world model of the project environment. This is time-consuming and can add to the costs, based on the amount of detailing that is involved. In many cases, the foundation model that is created for one exterior view can be tweaked and re-used for additional views from slightly different angles. In such cases, the cost per view will be reduced as the rendering artist can easily create new renderings using the same environment.

What this means, in a nutshell, is that the cost per image will be reduced if the number of images from similar angles increases.


Aerial View


3D Exterior Front View

Another area that can substantially impact the price of the rendering is the surroundings of the project. In order to accurately depict the project in 3D, the buildings and landscape that are in the immediate neighborhood will also have to be created from scratch. If your project is located in the midst of greenery, this can be as simple as copy-pasting and adding generic landscape elements.. but if your building is on a busy street in downtown Manhattan, for instance, the surrounding buildings will also need to be recreated in order to give a realistic final image. The 3D Rendering Studio will need to work overtime on creating 3D depictions of other buildings that could also involve a lot of architectural features, which will greatly multiply the time involved and add to the costs. In a similar fashion, renderings of large resorts, entertainment parks or business districts will cost much more than renderings of a single building.

This cost can be reduced if one chooses to use high-quality site photos for the surroundings, instead of creating large 3D environments from scratch. Using a drone to take aerial photos of the view from the angles you desire, and roping in the services of an experienced professional photographer can simplify your work and enhance the realistic quality of your final images. The architectural renderings of your proposed project can be seamlessly blended into the background that your photographers have clicked. This will avoid the cost of creating everything in 3D, and will also save on time, but you will have to pay for the services of the photographer so you should use this option wisely.

Degree of Photorealism

Luxurious Room Interior Rendering

If your client is looking for a high degree of photorealism and wants to get an image that looks the same as a photograph, then the 3D artist will have to spend a lot of time and effort filling in the tiny details. Renderings that are created quickly and at lower costs will not give the level of precise attention to the finer details that can be expected from a high-quality rendering. Clients who are on a tight budget or want the images to be done in a couple of days’ time will have to compromise on the level of photorealism as well, and its best to let them know about this upfront so that they are not disappointed with the final result!

Our next article will show you how you can minimize the cost of Architectural 3D Visualization from the point of view of an architect or a marketing agency.

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