Today 3D Architectural Rendering Services is increasingly by real estate companies involved in marketing, creating or developing commercial/residential properties. 3D models and 3D walkthrough videos are different concepts under architectural rendering services. Earlier buildings and structures were planned in a one-dimensional environment, but now 3D modeling is used to make the fabric look real.

The 3D walkthrough videos let the clients/house owners take a look at the house/structure from the inside. As people like to gather as much information as they can before buying property, the 3D walkthrough videos can help them visualize the house and get an idea of the exact layout.

3D walkthrough videos are cost-effective solutions as prospective clients may see the house/building with modified interiors, décor and furnishings. Same videos with different interiors may be used to attract more customers. They can get an idea of the interiors of the structure, and any proposed changes and modifications can be introduced at the design stage itself, saving time, money and efforts. Another advantage of using 3D walkthrough videos is that they can be used to market the project within a short time as the time required for their creation is less than twenty-four hours, if the company chosen for the purpose is an experienced one.