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With the advent of 3D Rendering Technology and various software available globally, the pricing for 3D rendering can vary drastically across different firms operating from multiple geographies.

It’s a common notion that developing nations like India, Philippines, and China offer rendering services at ‘down the barrel’ one-sixth to one-tenth the average cost of a render prevalent in the USA and European Countries. Although the same notion holds with multiple rendering firms in India too owing to weak compliance norms, Rayvat Engineering always works with genuine and authentic licensed software and provide our employees ample remuneration ahead of the prevailing industry norms.

Some of the pointers which we have ensured to provide sustained results are:

  1. Use of licensed software ensuring that the money you spend is rightfully utilized ethically.
  2. Artists being paid a premium over the prevalent Indian benchmarks in salary. We make sure our Artists live a life replete with dignity and comfort aiding their artistic instincts.
  3. Qualified, English speaking key account managers for client interactions. As a primary selection criterion, client-facing account managers must secure an IELTS band of 7+.
  4. Utilizing sophisticated CRM systems like Pipedrive and SFA for all business needs.
  5. Modifying the work-timings in accordance to the client time zones. Separate teams of account managers take care of the USA, European and Australian time zones.
  6. Participation in multiple technology platforms to acquaint ourselves with the latest innovations in Architectural Visualization.
  7. Firm reliance on performance metrics like Turnaround time (TAT), Right First Time (R.F.T) and Setup time, which are reviewed every quarter for continuous improvement.

Although a blanket pricing structure is not possible owing to separate complexities for each project, an indicator pricing structure is as follows:-

Sr. No




Residential Exterior Rendering



Residential Interior Rendering

$245 – 500 /Image


Commercial Exterior Rendering

$365 – 850 /Image


Commercial Interior Rendering

$275 -650 /Image


High Rise Exterior Rendering

$725 – 1500/image


3D Floor Plans

$215 -600 /floor


360° Virtual Reality

$385- 1800/camera shot


Product Rendering




$75/sec onwards

We have also put up sample case projects on each service page on the website that explains the particulars of pricing for each element mentioned above.

3D Rendering Pricing Options

Below are two pricing strategies most commonly adopted by firms in our area of operation.

1. Per-image pricing

This option of pricing is optimum for projects that require a limited number of renders to depict a portion of the project. For medium scale projects, the requirement across 3D Exterior/Interior and 3D Floor Plans is limited to 2-3 renders per category. Since the budget for marketing via 3D renders is a constraint, this option works well for medium scale real estate developers.

2.Project Based Pricing

When a client is aware of the exact needs for the complete project; i.e., Number of renders to be developed across 3D Visualization (3D Interior/ 3D Exterior/3D Floor Plans/ 3DAerial Views), 3D Animation (3D Walkthrough and 360° VR Camera Shots), this kind of structure is most beneficial as it brings economy of scale, thus leading to substantial savings in budget. Most of the clientele for projects like Integrated townships, commercial spaces, Institutional buildings fall into this category. Here, you can provide us the input files (2D CAD File or 3D Model) along with the schedule of textures, colors and lighting particulars for the entire project and we can tailor make the pricing structure in accordance to your needs.

Ways to reduce costs at the stage of Request for Information/Quotation

Owing to detailed inputs, it is easy and smooth working with an organized client. Some of the pointers that can help lower the overall cost of executing renders are as follows:- Providing all plans and reference images.

  1. Listing and labeling as much as possible in your plans, blueprints, or sketches.
  2. Specifying the camera locations and angles in the plans, blueprints, or sketches.
  3. Providing a complete schedule of material, texture, colors and lighting aspects in complete detail.
  4. Choosing furniture, landscaping elements from our rich library of material. Please feel free to ask for it.
  5. Listing down the resolution of images needed for each category. E.g. – Exterior in 1280P resolution, Interior in 1080P resolution.
  6. Providing multiple reference images for the style that suits your need. Sometimes, seemingly simple elements like water ripples, glass façade are the most difficult to produce, thus impacting the cost.

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