3D modeling services have moved on from the traditional architectural/interior industry and are now widely used by many other major industries like manufacturing, innovation, even science, and research.

3D CAD Modeling Services is used majorly in product modeling. Product modeling could mean various things: for a manufacturing industry it could mean having a 3D model of your product or a machine, for innovation industry it could mean a model of proposed design or process, for civil industry it could be a 3D Photorealistic Models of their buildings or interiors or for science and research industry it could mean a 3D representation of the project or experiment.

For example, in Furniture Modeling, the 3D models of the proposed furniture design is created and then the designer gets to view the design in the virtual setting and gauge the design’s feasibility of production as well as it’s visual aesthetics.

3D model can be created with the sketches, hand drawings, or visual briefs and a 3D modeling Service Provider will turn these into 3D models.