The Scope of 3D Animation Outsourcing

According to an independent study by NASSCOM, the animation industry in India grows at 22% every year.

Significant big shots which provide 3D Animation Services, 2D Animation Services, Cartoon and Character Animation Services like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures & Turner Entertainment which make animated films, TV ads & computer games, are investing on Indian Turf. 3D Animation Outsourcing Company is currently on a high road.

Major Animation blockbuster hits in Hollywood that have been released in past years have been produced in India. Life of Pi, the Oscar-nominated film had its animations with help on CAVE (Cloud Animation and Visual Effects) done in India.

India has created a name for itself for creating exceptional and original works. The Animation Outsourcing Industry is estimated to grow by Rs. 5,400 crores at the end of 2014. That is expected to grow at an even better rate in the future.

Unlike other sectors, Inflation does not affect the animation sector directly. There is always a shortage of fresh talent. As in the case of Character Animation Outsourcing accuracy and flawlessness are the most significant assets, that major outsourcing firms in India do posses.

Rayvat Engineering is one such firm that provides correctly rendered animations with photorealistic images. Having successfully created animations for clients across the globe, Rayvat has excellent exposure and the skill to work on various types of animations.

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