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5 Design Principles for Architectural CAD Drafting

Architecture is one profession that needs a perfect amalgamation of science, maths, and arts. While the success of the architect depends upon the inherent skills of the architect, there are certain principles of Architectural CAD drafting, that would help boost the creativity and help design even better designs. Some of these principles are:

  1. Individuality: When you try to create a niche for yourself, you need to have your own signature design in all your projects. That would help you cut the clutter and make a mark for yourself.
  2. Innovating: Where there is creativity, there has to be innovation. As an architect, you cannot just follow trends, you need to figure out a way to make your own trend. Innovation is important, it was due to constant innovations that we see the wonderful buildings that we see today. The latest trend we see is that of horizontal skyscrapers.
  3. Maximum usage of technology: Few architects believe that technology can be used only to digitize their designs. Yet, if used optimally, technology can be used to enhance the designs. By using architectural CAD drafting, the architects can visualize their designs and create the best versions possible.
  4. Rationality: While innovation is important, an architect also needs rationality to show him/her the ground reality. One of the best ways to achieve rationality is to sketch your designs.
  5. Environment-Friendly: In order to be competitive in this day and age it is important for the architects to make their designs green.The clients have now become conscious of their carbon footprint, if you make your designs sustainable, it would increase your design acceptability.

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