#4. 3D walkthrough animation gives a clear idea about the neighbourhood

The surrounding environment is also very important when it comes to a buying decision. Many customers like to know whether there are schools in close proximity, whether your building is close to a park or other social amenities, and what the immediate landscape looks like. You animation can showcase all these aspects in interesting ways, for instance by showing people engaging in activities around the residential complex. You will be able to see people going for a walk with their babies in a pram, children playing in the park and so on. This goes a long way toward making the project seem like a place where they could potentially enjoy themselves.

If your video is being watched by investors or other stakeholders, they will be able to judge whether your project holds enough promise for them to park their hard earned money. Builders and real estate developers can study the advantages of the location of the project and understand how they can market it in the future.

#5. 3D animation showcases the building during different seasons of the day

With a 3D walkthrough animation, it is very easy to show the building in different environments. You will be able to show your audience how it would look in a snow covered landscape, or when the walkway is covered with flowers during spring. This helps the audience get a clear perception of the project during different seasons.

You can also show the building during the daytime and at night and allow them to imagine how it will look at different times of the day. By changing views in this manner, they can check out how natural and artificial lighting works for the building. They will be able to see it on a rainy evening with overcast skies, as well as on a sunny day when the garden is in full bloom.

As we have seen, by using 3D walkthrough animation for your presentation, your audience is able to get the context for your proposed building and can understand all the design elements very clearly. They are able to go on a visual journey of the project, and imagine how the experience of actually living there would feel. The positive emotions that are evoked during the viewing journey might help them to make their purchase decision very quickly. Above all, 3D walkthroughs are a great marketing and sales tool that can be used by architects and salespeople alike.

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